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Policy Dialogue: Zimbabwe Youth Empowerment Strategy


in partnership with

Ministry of Youth Development & Economic Empowerment and the Zimbabwe Youth Council

Policy Dialogue: Validation of the Zimbabwe Youth Empowerment Strategy

Jameson Hotel, 11 July 2016

In July 2016, The Zimbabwe Evidence Informed Policy Network (ZeipNET) partnered with the Ministry of Youth, Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment and the Zimbabwe Youth Council (ZYC) to convene a PD aimed at validating the evidence obtained to inform the Zimbabwe Youth Empowerment Strategy with particular focus on building a robust framework for youth development and empowerment. This is in line with the forthcoming African Union theme for 2017, €˜Harnessing the Demographic Dividend through Investment in Youth.

This dialogue was done as a side event to the Youth Build Zimbabwe Symposium. The Youth Build Zimbabwe program is designed to meet two objectives. First, the program provides opportunities to the ever-increasing numbers of young people who are idle and with no skills or opportunities to positively and productively engage in their communities; and second, the program enables support to the vast number of community development initiatives that require human capacity, for example self help projects that develop communities at the same time.

The Zimbabwe Youth Empowerment Strategy for Investment (ZIM YES) is a blueprint in the works that stemmed from the recognition that Zimbabwe’s youth have, since 1980, been placed into an educated, innovative and resilient demographic group and as such must now be invested in to realize Zimbabwe’s socio-economic transformation. The blue print now sought to identify strategic priority areas for youth development and economic empowerment so as to address social, economic and political issues that matter in the youth sector for achieving better quality of life for the youth. The strategy acknowledges the various advantages and opportunities that Zimbabwe can unlock for the betterment of youth to secure their future. It seeks to provide homegrown solutions for the development and empowerment of youth while highlighting the various capabilities of young people which are low hanging fruits for investment options.

ZeipNET facilitates Side event at ACBF 3rd Capacity Building Forum

ZeipNET facilitated a parallel event during the ACBF 25th Anniversary and the 3rd Pan African Capacity Development Forum held in Harare, Zimbabwe from 3-5 May 2016. The parallel event was on 'Strengthening Capacity to use Evidence in Policymaking in Zimbabwe' and was meant to share ZeipNET and VakaYiko's approach to capacity building with other practioners and development partners. Ronald Munatsi and Gilchriste Ndongwe represented ZeipNET and panelists for the event included the Botswana Ambasador to Zimbabwe, H.E. Mr Kenny Kiniotiro Kapinga, Former Governor of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Dr. Kombo Moyana, Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce Executive Director, Dr. Christopher Mugaga and a Lecturer in Politics and Public Administration (University of Zimbabwe, Dr. Joseph Tinarwo. The Executive Director of Southern African Political Economic Series (SAPES), Dr. Ibbo Mandaza moderated the session.

Parliamentary Evidence Series Launch


Climate Change, its impact on agriculture and food security and the role of the youth

As part of its wider environment stakeholder engagement programme and also to create synergies and linkages between policy makers and researchers ZeipNET, in partnership with the Parliament of Zimbabwe, launched the Parliamentary Evidence Series on the 29th of April 2016. These are a series of roundtables, presentations or internal lectures for Parliament Researchers and thematic committees. The aim of the Parliamentary Evidence Series is to provide a platform for the Parliament Research Department to engage with the research community and other important stakeholders in obtaining research evidence to inform the Parliamentary process. The idea is for the Parliament Research Department and Committees to have a sustainable platform where they will obtain evidence on particular policy relevant issues from experts who may be from research institutions, civic society, think tanks or the academia.

To launch the programme ZeipNET, the Parliament Research Department in consultation with the Committees Department identified a topic entitled "Climate Change, its impact on agriculture and food security and the role of the youth." A round table consisting of researchers from Parliament, Committee Clerks from the Portifolio Committee on Environment, ZeipNET mentees from Ministry of Youth including representatives from the Zimbabwe Youth Council took place at the Parliament of Zimbabwe. Presenters included Ms Amy Wickham (UNICEF Climate Change Officer). The Ministry of Environment Climate Change Department was represented by the Principal Climate Change Officer, Mr. Lawrence Mashungu who provided some insight into the Zimbabwean context and government policy on Climate Change. As an inaugural event, the Clerk of Parliament officially launched the Parliamentary Evidence Series and pledged to make this programme an institutionalised part of the Parliament of Zimbabwe which goes beyond the lifespan of the BCURE project.

More about the event here

Policy Brief Writing Workshop

Zimbabwe Evidence Informed Network in partnership with CommsConsult Ltd held a policy brief writing workshop on the 21st and 22nd of April 2016 at Pakanaka Lodge in Highlands, Harare. The workshop was held for civil servants from Ministry of industry and commerce and Ministry of Youth Development including Parliament of Zimbabwe officers as a follow-on workshop from the the EIPM course.

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