Parliamentary Evidence Series Launch


Climate Change, its impact on agriculture and food security and the role of the youth

As part of its wider environment stakeholder engagement programme and also to create synergies and linkages between policy makers and researchers ZeipNET, in partnership with the Parliament of Zimbabwe, launched the Parliamentary Evidence Series on the 29th of April 2016. These are a series of roundtables, presentations or internal lectures for Parliament Researchers and thematic committees. The aim of the Parliamentary Evidence Series is to provide a platform for the Parliament Research Department to engage with the research community and other important stakeholders in obtaining research evidence to inform the Parliamentary process. The idea is for the Parliament Research Department and Committees to have a sustainable platform where they will obtain evidence on particular policy relevant issues from experts who may be from research institutions, civic society, think tanks or the academia.

To launch the programme ZeipNET, the Parliament Research Department in consultation with the Committees Department identified a topic entitled "Climate Change, its impact on agriculture and food security and the role of the youth." A round table consisting of researchers from Parliament, Committee Clerks from the Portifolio Committee on Environment, ZeipNET mentees from Ministry of Youth including representatives from the Zimbabwe Youth Council took place at the Parliament of Zimbabwe. Presenters included Ms Amy Wickham (UNICEF Climate Change Officer). The Ministry of Environment Climate Change Department was represented by the Principal Climate Change Officer, Mr. Lawrence Mashungu who provided some insight into the Zimbabwean context and government policy on Climate Change. As an inaugural event, the Clerk of Parliament officially launched the Parliamentary Evidence Series and pledged to make this programme an institutionalised part of the Parliament of Zimbabwe which goes beyond the lifespan of the BCURE project.

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