Capacity Building

Evidence-informed policy-making (EIPM)

The EIPM programme is informed by the notion that for policy makers, development practitioners including other non-state actors to meet the global and national challenges in climate change, health systems, growing youth populations, among a host of others, they need sound credible evidence to inform their policy decisions. Evidence informed policy making (EIPM) is increasingly being acknowledged as a critical process to promote good policies through the use of authenticated high quality research. An evidence-informed policy is one that has considered a broad range of evidence from research, to expert knowledge including citizen knowledge. For policy makers to use evidence there has to be an effective link between the research side and the policy making side including an enabling environment of engaged stakeholders. This calls for capacity building and other equally important interventions.

ZeipNET supports the following interventions in promoting evidence informed policy making in Zimbabwe:

  • Training
  • Policy Dialogues
  • Evidence Cafes
  • Continuous Learning Exchange

Our Work In Pictures

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