The Zimbabwe Evidence Informed Policy Network (ZeipNet) Trust seeks to bridge the Research-Policy Divide. Its mandate is to promote evidence informed policy making in Zimbabwe through various interventions. It seeks to build the research appetite of policy makers so that they demand research in their policy making and similarly builds the capacity of researchers and research intermediaries to effectively provide quality research to policy makers. It also builds coalitions around policy makers and influencers, the media, government and civic societies that aim at supporting national processes for evidence informed policy-making.
ZeipNet also provides collaborative platforms to share best practices and to disseminate research to effect positive policy change. Through its various programmes, ZeipNet seeks to ultimately institutionalise the evidence-informed policy-making culture in Zimbabwe.
ZeipNet works within the confines of a realistic strategic plan that aims at consolidating and strengthening its position and image as a self-sustaining network. This strategy is created on a premise for it to become a meaningful, innovative and efficient network in as far as promoting evidence informed policy making is concerned.

Our Work In Pictures

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